Should I stay or should I go?

I’ve recently started a new career in the automotive industry. We’re a team of three, the manager with two sales people. The cars are of the higher end tier, which is why I applied for the position. The manager and other employee have known eachother prior, i’m the newbie.

My first three months are for training where according to my contract I am allowed to sell and earn comisssion. My manager refuses to let me sell in this time as he says I dont know what I’m doing yet. Thing is he also does not train me, I have picked up a few things here and there but for the most part I have been left alone. a Few weeks ago I came in late for work and was given a final warning where the manager believed that I lied as to where I was, I didn’t really have a good excuse so I took the warning. The reason I came in late was because I felt he would’t know and/or care if I did as I have been left alone in a different dept for weeks prior without so much as a word from him. Being extremely frustrated with doing nothing all day everyday.

I feel he favours the other employee and I know they talk about me behind my back, the other employee has commented to the manager on things that I have said and done, ie drive a little over the speed limit etc. He regularly bad mouths the manager to me which leads me to believe he only does this so that I say something that he can report back on further. I have spoken to the HR manager about the lack of training and doing nothing all day, she reckons the trust between myself and the manager has been broken. She is willing to move me to a different dealership within the group if I ask it.

I told the manager that I talked to HR and he was pissed, saying I should first talk to him about the problems before anything else. The thing is, he doesn’t listen to me and doesn’t trust me, and I don’t think he ever did. Today I found out that the manager and other employee often times have breakfast together without me, they spend more time together that what he ever does with me and its starting to look like obvious favouritism.Whilst typing this I am alone in another dealership whilst they are off looking at cars again. Today he also commented on my driving, saying that, how can he trust me to drive our fast cars if I can’t stick to the speed limit in our runner, and that now I need to prove to him first that I can drive appropriately. I get this after 4 seconds above the speed limit to which I admitted.

Last week we get a client in to look at one of the Porsches. I show the client around and try and sell the thing. This week the manager told me that that client was an old friend of his that he sent to test me. The manager and the other employee were both upstairs hiding from me and judging my performance apparently. The ‘test client’ later told the manager that I did a good job, but still? This is weird to me.

Today I asked if it would be okay to use one of our cars for my grandfather’s 90th birthday, it was declined because according to him i’m still in training and therefore can’t use it. Although the other employee used one just last week for a wedding. I’m sure its because according to him i’m a bad driver for speeding. Ironically in all of this, I know that I am an excellent driver.

I need advice on how to handle this, should I take the other position or try and stick it out in the hopes that it gets better? How should I handle the manager, how should I handle the other employee and how TF do I deal with all this childish bullshit?

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