Social media and free speech?

For about a year now, everyone where I work has been struggling with our new supervisor. And it just seems to get worse and worse. I actually put my notice in and withdrew it on my last day because I spoke directly to both the owners and made it perfectly clear that he was the reason I was going to leave them with absolutely no one to do what I do. Now that I’m staying, they think that they can walk all over me. So my plan is to stay and play nice until the timeframe is up that one of the owners said things would change in.

So we had someone in the company make a Facebook post (intentionally blocking every person who works with us) about how said supervisor acts and everything else. The man found his limit and we have all been there. Intentionally blocking everyone who works here and what happens? The supervisors favorite who doesn’t get anything done had someone else scour the internet and screenshot it to send it back to the supervisor. No wonder he doesn’t get anything done acting as a henchman.

So the man who made a Facebook post is now demoted and making two dollars less an hour.

I know how my immature parts would like to handle it! Because I was asked not to quit by the owners and I still have jobs lined up, what’s the worst they can do? Fire me? I want, more than anything, to show my butt and make a scene every chance I get. I just want them to understand that there is a parasite within the company that will continuously grow and fester until it is removed. I thought that maybe me letting them know how bad it was in my resignation letter would help with that.

So how would a mature person handle it? Because I need to turn a new leaf and grow up some.

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