Aus – What would you do ?

\***throw away account, seeking guidance\***

I need your advice, guidance or input on what I should do. I feel I’ve gotten myself into a pickle and not sure what/where to go next.

Tldr; Early 30’s, wanted to buy a house but can hold off, don’t like job/organisation, unsure what to do

I work in the Tech area and was working in the Finance field till late last year. I quit working and wanted to study / launch my start up but struggled with the study (too much content and wasn’t focused) and ended up taking a little holiday and getting back to work 4-5 months after me quitting from Finance. I began working in a similar role but for a Not-for-profit and thought I would be able to balance study, buy the house and working full-time (as I’d worked FT and studied uni previously). I’ve been in my current role for the past +7 months but I don’t think this place is for me. I’ve communicated my discomfort since my first week and have even resigned 2-3 months ago and but was persuaded to stay as I’m doing good work and the organisation values me etc.

I have nothing against the org, they have a very bad retention rate currently (50-60%) and have structural, cultural and staff issues that I feel will take time to be addressed. They’ve recently had a new CEO (after a gap of 3 years) so they’ll make changes and will probably take a year or two before things calm down a bit. Since starting, I’ve worked late and on weekends and the amount of crap talking going on for a NFP is… disheartening and frankly makes me unsure who to trust as I’m still fairly new (this is quite difficult for me as I came here to ‘do good’ as one of the main motivators).

I also feel emotionally vested in trying to clear up the problems at the NFP but feel I keep having to clear up other peoples mess whilst the root cause still hasn’t been addressed and will take a while for the org to change.

I don’t think I can stay around for as long as they’d like me to but I’m unsure where to go next ? I’d like to study and launch my start up but am not sure if I am running away from the work and or how to explain it on my resume as it’ll look bad? Should I work a part-time job and study or just quite and concentrate on study / start up? what would you recommend?

Sorry if I rambled, your input is much appreciated.

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