Guidance required – What should I choose as my next level of specialization in education DevOps, Full Stack or Cyber Security?

I am an ex Maritime Engineer, age 34, have had 8 years experience as Marine Engineer after my Bachelors in Marine Technology, living and working in India.

Due to medical reasons, lost the job, but then I have always had a knack for analysis, problem solving, developing logic, decided to take data science.

After a period of 1.5 years of learning between 2019 to 2021, managed to score a job, just around that time, i felt challenged in getting a job and decided to do online Masters in Data Science. Am in the 2nd year of my Masters while being employed and work has been really refreshing, engaging and fun as a Senior Data Scientist.

But then realistically speaking, the job i scored was 75% Marine Engineering and Maritime Shipping as a business and 25% Data Science, at least was initially, withjn that i have had the opportunity to grow further in data science, python programming, machine learning, etc, however i do feel I have barely scratched the surface.

But along the way, I felt I should never again face a challenge of losing job, and realizing my specific area of work had made me less of a candidate for a wide variety of jobs.

I decided to take another Masters on the way, in Computer Science. I can’t say am a pro, but just above average in Data Structures and Algorithms and other Software Engineering concepts, realizing it’s an ocean to learn and grow in.

Now the advice I want is, the specific course here branches out into multiple specialization areas, DevOps, Cybersecurity and Full Stack being the closest to me overall.

I decided to take Cybersecurity when I joined the course, however now that the time has come to make the choice, I am unsure what would be the best choice.

If you have read this far, you should know an overall profile of where am in the career path and my ambitions are to become technically a go-to person for Data – the infrastructure, the security, process flow, analytics, insights and using ML algorithms to create finally the BI tool that sits on somebody’s screen suggesting the best probable possibility among multiple possibilities.

However, as I mentioned, am not sure if I am being over zealous as I usually am.

PS: I do not know anything in FSD, DevOps or Cybersecurity, so it’s going to be the same no matter which I choose and I actually like learning, and particularly good and picking things quick. I have a knack to learn programming, it’s not that I am a genius, am far from it, but with continuous involvement I have seen that the understanding grows more and more and new possibilities open up even from the way I think solutions, and then it is a journey to have fun learning.

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