Has anyone gone from working in tech to a kitchen?

Is this a complete dumb choice I’m making?

Any advice from people that worked in corporate and took a step back to recalibrate their career without their skills getting dulled out.?

I’m so tired of feeling out of place. I’m 27, single, and it feels like I’ve taken 20 steps back into high school and feel like I’m forcing myself to fit in spaces I don’t fit in.

Long story short, I went from being a high performer in uni and in my last role as a business analyst. I worked in tech in the financial services space for about 3 years and then was let go as a result of our department restructuring and my manager leaving the firm….typical corporate stuff. My resume is great from what I’ve been told. I don’t connect with recruiters because they always spam message roles that they wanna fill that have nothing to do with my qualifications. The main issue I run into is hearing back from companies when I submit an application. The likelihood I’ll get ghosted after interviewing is high so that’s been a huge barrier for me that it feels pointless to waste the time to apply at companies and so therefore, I’ve taken this server role to take care of bills.

How can I go about making sure I don’t lose my experience or not allowing my soft skills to get dull as a result of them not being in use? I feel like my mental health is severely declining as a result of this server role because the kitchen culture very much seems like we’re all in middle school and immature. I’m a minority and look Hispanic but I’m not Hispanic and therefore the only way people can try and connect with me is my stereotypically profiling me as Hispanic. This role is just temporary but this is affecting me when I have to deal with my coworkers. It’s the kind of environment where you’re micromanaged and minorities are “managed out” by pointing out performance mistakes daily.

Any advice from anyone that’s been in a similar position of taking 20 steps back to relaunch? Apologies if the post is all over the place.

How can I maintain my self-confidence by dealing with constant blows? How can I learn to maneuver these tactics that management tries to pull on me without gaslighting myself?

tl;dr Is this a complete dumb choice I’m making? I’ve working in tech/financial services for 5 years but got laid off and moved back home, lost my social skills, took a server position to get back into shape and try to make a comeback.

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