£30K @ 26M as fraud investigator and I feel COMPLETELY trapped – what can I do to progress from here?

Dropped out of law school due to the pandemic and haven’t returned – couldn’t really afford to now.
Worked up to a fraud investigator position for a fintech bank from an entry level CS position.

Feel completely pinned under a glass ceiling. Currently work is paying for an ICA advanced certificate in AML, but I’ve no clue where to go from here.

Do I have any good options or am I better off either trying to go back to law school or trying to re-skill, such as going back to learning to code?

Desperately depressed by my shit salary for my age and lack of prospects :/

Is it even worth learning to code, or is this unrealistic? Didn’t do maths to A level due to shit teachers, though I’ve no difficulty doing it

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