More school? and suggestions on what to do

I have a bachelor’s in Accounting but dislike the accuracy and efficiency emphasis of the job. The pressure and work environment doesn’t work well for my mental health.

I realized I’m into minds and people, but most things appear to require experience or education. I don’t mind going back for more school, if necessary, but I’m also hoping to finish a certificate or program within less than two years with experiential learning or a high guarantee for a position.

Things I’m considering:
-Masters in Organizational Psychology (opens options like consulting & HR)
-A certificate for something in HR
-Masters in Education
-Social Work

I’m not sure if going back for more school is a good choice either. I’m just a bit at loss and uncertain if there’s anything in Business for me, if I should get a different degree so I can get into another industry that is better suited for me and allows me to work more closely with individuals and minds

I don’t have much work experience currently.

Thanks for taking your time, any guidance or suggestion is appreciated

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