Should I change jobs just because of low pay?

Edit: I work in a small city in Canada that isn’t a tech hub. It seems like if I don’t work at a tech company, this pay is average for a junior dev.

I work as a junior software developer for a consulting firm, which, was expressed to me that this means I won’t get paid much. This company is well-known in my city and is known for not paying competitively, compared to other companies.

I get paid 68k (I got paid 55k when I first started 2 years ago, and they gave me 2 big raises since). I work for a good team, and they seem to look out for me. I have a mentor and she’s quite good, helping me learn. I don’t work overtime, either, it’s a good work-life balance.

My only issue is the pay. I know people that don’t work in the best environments (I am a female in a male-dominated field), and I’ve heard a bunch of horror stories from other former classmates who get paid significantly more (ex. 100k), but don’t have the best work environments.

Is it worth trying to find a new job if the only thing I don’t like about my work is the pay?

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