What do I do in highschool?

I am currently in my 2nd year of highschool and its really hard. My parents see that I am always stressed and tell me that I should go to normal classes but I need to know something before I do.
My dream is to be a software engineer at a FAANG company, or any company tbh. All these videos I see of people working there show that they did really well in highschool and got into a ivy league college.
I am in all honors classes and 1 AP (cs). I am always studying or doing homework, i don’t really have much time to work on coding or making projects(unless it’s for school). Is taking honors worth it in the end? Will it get me anywhere and help me with my career? Will I regret not focusing on computer science? How should I prepare for college and my job?
Pls help me if you are a software engineer or something in the cs field.

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