What would you give up to WFH full-time?

I recently got a new job that starts in November. It’s a full-time office job with good pay, amazing benefits, and decent time off. The only problem is that they don’t offer any WFH capability, not even hybrid. They didn’t even during Covid, they just made it work. Even with the possibilities of the economy tanking, this job is as stable as can be with some opportunities for growth in a specific field.

I have two final round and one other interview for WFH jobs that I can’t seem to get myself to cancel despite having signed my offer letter. There are plusses and minuses to each job (one pays about 15% less, one involves significant travel, one is a start-up that may require 50+ hour weeks), but they are all fully remote and flexible with hours.

Is it worth giving up a good, steady opportunity to not have to wear a bra every day?

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