Does Anyone Have Any Tips For Zoom Interviews?

Hey everyone,

I landed an interview for a PQi (performance quality) position within my agency but in a different department. This is an experienced position which would be a big promotion for me. I tried to read up on the position by searching the new employee handbook but it seems to be a brand new position. I want to be prepared as I can be. I’ve worked for this agency for 6 years through various departments and I honestly didn’t even think I’d be chosen for the interview but… I need this position which means I need to nail the interview.

I feel like I could be more comfortable with a zoom interview but also that so many things could go wrong. Do I dress as a normal interview would be? Do I look at the camera or the screen when people are addressing me? What happens if the connection goes unstable?

ALSO, I plan on asking about a typical work day, if remote or hybrid is involved, how is training, and I want to ask about salary but don’t know if that’s inappropriate for the first interview. Any suggestions here?

Is there any advice from hiring managers or people that have went through an interview like this before?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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