How many restructures are too many?

I started this job around the start of year and since then there’s been 3 restructures. I’ve worked in different companies for more than 10 years and this is the most disruptive place I’ve ever been. A few months into the job some of my team and myself were moved to another team. This means that I can no longer access the same project opportunities which I thought I had signed up for and would be aligned with my career goals. This has been a big disappointment for me.

I tried to tell myself that I’ll find other opportunities in the new team but I still haven’t quite landed on what these are. I seem to just be skirting around the side on these projects rather than getting hands on with them primarily because there are already people working on them. With the latest move, I’m starting to lose faith and feel that I might have just made the wrong career move. There’s been so many false starts and it just feels like the place can’t make up their mind about what to do with the people they’ve hired and I’m just wasting my time trying to get anything done here. I feel like I need to draw a line at which I throw in the towel and say enough is enough. Is this normal to anyone else? At what point do you think there’s been too much change and it’s starting to get detrimental to your career?

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