What are realistic career moves from corporate procurement (25F)?

I (25F) have worked in Procurement since leaving university- a little over 4years. I studied English lit and history which has very little to do with the role beyond relationship building/analytics etc. I’ve loved parts of procurement and really excelled at a role as regional buyer (all cats) for nearing 3years but felt I needed a new challenge/bigger business.
I moved to a well known US payments company and quite frankly had an extremely traumatic time. Overworked, psychopathic manager, bullying, no HR, no development etc. The experience put me in therapy. I left in Jun of this year after 10months and have had a hard time reigniting my passion for procurement and corporate culture. I found a new job quickly but now fear I took it in panic and in a bad mindset and am unsure of the longevity.
Regardless, I am trying to make the best of it to tide me over (cost of living crisis and a mortgage…)
Ultimately, in the longer term I now want to leave procurement and the overtly corporate culture- I do not think on balance it is worth it for my mental health and for the stress to put me in an early grave.
I’m paid extremely well (55k) but would take a paycut for a role that had better balance and positivity. I like the ability to wfh as it suits me a lot better. I love working with people in collaborative teams- but I feel these are few and far between in corporate (truly collaborative and solution focused I mean- not just the people that use them as buzzwords) I have strong creative strengths but have never commericalised these. To be honest, I pick things up quickly but get bored very easily; I need to feel as though I am progressing even if it is just personal development.

Is anyone able to suggest roles/areas that are quite transferable from Procurement, where my experience would be useful?
I am willing to work at a career change but feel I need to be realistic about where my experience can be applied.

Any advice gratefully received!!

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