26yo with business degree. Worked in customer service roles since 16yo. Now working in CS for a global and reputable company but want to change careers and move up further. Any advice?

Hello all! 🙂

Does anyone have any ideas of career paths I can take that utilises my customer service skills and uni degree?

I have worked in fast-paced customer service since the age of 16 alongside obtaining a first-class business management degree.

9 years spent in a supermarket covering a variety of non-management roles (restaurant, counters, delivery driver, etc). The last year of the 9 I spent applying to graduate jobs/schemes in insurance, tax, business consultancy and analyst etc with no luck. A year ago I finally found a job to take me out of retail. I’m now working for a large medical company in a team that loans surgical instruments and implant kits to hospitals.

I deem myself as capable and proficient at the roles I’ve done so far in my career. I’ve found my jobs easy and I see myself as a very strong member of the teams I’ve been in. However, I feel I’ve never been rewarded for this, especially at the supermarket I worked at for so long. Maybe I never really pushed myself hard enough – I like to be comfortable.

I love solving problems,, I’m switched on, I’m a quick learner, I ask complex questions and always ask ‘why?’, I engage fully with all colleagues and customers and get on with everyone. Ive always had great feedback from colleagues and managers too so I know I’ve done well (I’m not bragging, just trying to make me successes evident). I’ve just never pushed myself, but now I’m ready and don’t know where to start.

I think I’m tired of customer service now. I want to use the skills I’ve learned and used for so long as well as using the reputation of my current employer to locate a better path for myself. I’m not keen on management or sales as Ive always wanted to specialise in something, rather than become a manager.

The office I currently work in is the only UK office and it is specifically for customer service, sales and marketing so I’m not too keen on moving up internally. I’m looking for completely new industries and pathways.

Thank you so much in advance

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