How can I stop my CEO from Micro-Managing?

Hey everyone! Recently I started a new job as the Head of Marketing at a fintech startup. I’m 26 and since the day I turned 20 I have been all about entrepreneurship. I started my first business when I was 21 I messed it up by the time I was 22. Didn’t loose hope tho, I took myself a job, saved up a little capital and started a streetwear label.

We have done well over the last 2.5 years, then unfortunately an economic crisis hit my country, making it almost unbearable for me to sustain my life. After years in entrepreneurship I took a job at a pretty successful fintech start up. Now here’s the thing, I am not used to working for someone else.

The founders don’t really understand marketing but they think they do, making it really difficult for me to do my job. I am stopped halfway through campaigns or implementing processes. They think that I’m not right for the job, calls me out in front of the entire staff, and sometimes attacks me indirectly. It’s only been 2 months since I joined and it’s very difficult for me mentally to sustain. I’m low on confidence (making me feel like I’m not good at what I do) and don’t have a very supportive team because they are already set in their ways.

I can’t quit because I won’t be financially stable if I do and it won’t look good on my resume. I’m feeling very demotivated, because I hate only working for money, I love what I do. What do you guys think is the best possible way forward? How should I handle my founders? Because they micromanage and I can’t stand that!

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