What to do as a general-specialist?

I spent my career working with a lot of industrial systems….robots, machines, controllers, cameras / vision…and managed a research lab too. COVID hit – and that org. took a fall – and I made my way to a startup, because I wanted to learn about the IT systems that make companies run (ERP / PLM / IT networks).

For the past year I’ve gotten a real solid run-down of these systems, and led the implementation of 3. I don’t know too many people that are as interdisciplinary as I am….from programming a controller, to troubleshooting IT networks…this represents waht I believe to be an IT/OT specialist.

Problem is….good jobs are for software engineers….at least from what I can see. I also just completed my MS of DS 4 months ago – and while I can program (and well I believe) – it’s not where I shine.

I need to work on succinctly presenting myself to employers, and having them appreciate the entirety of my skillset, and get compensated accordingly (\~$200K is what I’m looking for – HCOL area).

I got news my salary was getting cut by 25% as of next month (company wide cuts across the board)….so I don’t want to wait too long before this ship sinks….tough economy but would appreciate some insight on how to separate myself from the pack – and demonstrate value as an interdisciplinary specialist.


Thank you

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