Alternative positions for the unusual software developer?

Hey guys.

I know this is may come off as a weird questions, but I’ve been in several software developer positions at this time in my career, and simply cannot find one that really suits my personally traits.

The issue is, that I don’t want to sit all by my self all day and write code. I’m one of those who actually enjoy meetings, helping out others, presenting my code etc.

And yet somehow I always end up sitting by myself coding all day, only having my scrum meetings.

And I’ve been looking for other types of developer-ish jobs, like software support engineer or such, and perhaps this is the road I need to go down, though I fear support full-time.

So, my question is, if you know any type of software developer career path that actually allows for many meetings, or just being around people and not just sitting all by myself coding all day?

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