Transitioning from a very niche field to data analysis?

I’m very happy with the job I have now and there isn’t a plan to change, but I want to be prepared if something unexpected happens.

I will avoid saying my job title because there are probably fewer than ten of us in the country and the non-compete agreement I signed would narrow that field even further. That said, my background is in entomology (M.S. in ecology). I’m currently working in pesticide manufacturing. Lower mid-level or upper lower level. I write SOPs, do a lot of experimental design, data and statistical analysis, and a bit of report writing.

For the stats and data analysis I mainly use R language, sometimes with a bit of Quarto (the new iteration of R Markdown) for report generation. I really like the experimental design, experimentation, and data analysis. What jobs might I be able to transition to? What professional development should I work on? What new skills should I pick up?

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