Best place to pursue education and life?

Hey there, Im grad figuring out college options.
I’m from Slovakia, but I spent year of my hs in Canada and I love every aspect about, especially school. I wanted to go back there, or to the states for uni, but after considering everything, it’s just way too much money for now. I do wanna continue my masters later on there, so it’s easier for me to get into the environment. But for now, I’m trying to find something that will make my 3 years worth it and also will make my chances of going back to North America bigger. I do want to study business/data science. I have couple options in mind but still doing my research. Either Scandinavia, Netherlands or Australia. I even saw Dubai campus of Birmingham university, but haven’t heard a lot of positive things about that. My aspects I’m looking for in uni and the place itself are definitely interns, ability to work and make at least something as an International and quite a social life. What would you recommend me in this situation, what else should I consider?
Any experiences with the countries named above?

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