Im a STEM major who wants to do fashion. Should i leave STEM for fashion (which i know i can succeed in) or will i regret it later?

Hi! Im a girl from a semi fckd country who is majoring in Software Engineering at the so called National and the highest ranked university of the country.

My mother has a degree in Clothing Design and did her Master’s when i was little. Thats why i grew up around fashion magazines, sketches and unfinished projects. That kinda tickled my interests in fashion. But to think that a lady with a Master’s degree was not working as a designer always made me think “The literal proof of why u should do fashion is right in front of u! U will be unemployed and wont make the fraction of the salary u can have with an IT job”.

But although i had a big interest in it and always secretly wanted to pursue it as a career i was never supported. Like ever. I also DO NOT want to go fashion schools in my coubtry but the tuition fee of a foreign school would be too much. But i just have a strong gut feeling that i am actually capable of doing decent things. Thats why i havent let go of it yet.

Without being able to change this i graduated highschool during Covid and didnt apply to foreign unis. (My parents also told me it was bcz they didnt want me to be away from them but i think i know it was a money issue) And is now STUCK in the 2nd year of my degree. And i feel reaaallyyyy unmotivated to do anything related to my major. Just the thought of opening SQL and Visual Studio makes me like actually wanna throw up. I dont know if the depression im starting to have is to blame too. But also am i actually depressed? or is the constant forcing myself to do something i have 0 interest in that’s taking out all the enjoyment in life?

And that’s my current situation. So im asking you guys what i should do. Should i suck it and live w my major and have an IT job that i will hate or suck it and risk it all for fashion(lol)? Or should i take a sane approach and torture myself for 2 more years and graduate and do something related to fashion after like as a reward? Or should i start doing fashion now in my separate times to heal myself from the STEM reality i have? Or should i fuse them?

And has anything experienced the same situation? And how’s that going for y’all?

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