What career should I study? Which of these worked for you?

I am considering studying: Programming, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Computer Engineering or Video Game Development.

I am still a student, but I don’t want to be left behind considering future professions and studies.
Perhaps it is relevant to clarify that I am from Argentina, and I do not belong to a privileged economy.

Programming I know that you can get a job and I would like to belong to a company but I don’t know how convenient it is.

I also consider studying at the only university in the country that teaches Artificial Intelligence. I have no idea what the outcome of this is, the opportunity or kind of jobs either, but I can’t deny that “AI Engineering” sounds EXTREMELY cool. The kind of thing that gets you excited about the title even though you don’t know what it means. The problem: it is the only private university on this list.

I could study video game development, but I am aware of the great competition, the existing crunch and how complicated it would be to be an indie developer. Although I think about the possibility of turning it into a hobby.

I also like web development a lot, it’s what I like the most about programming, but is the job opportunity good?

I was considering studying computer engineering, but besides the fact that I don’t have much faith in myself, computer science as such doesn’t fascinate me, maybe I’m just wasting time before changing… Or the opposite, maybe I just don’t know it well and I like in the end

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