What education is required to switch to engineering?

I have graduated within the last five years as a medical laboratory scientist (MLS) and realize I hate the profession. I have recently moved to a reference lab within a university however I am making less than 60k and see no potential for any significant increase of income at this position.

However I do get free tuition through this job and it’s a top school for engineering (Cincinnati OH). I was wondering if anyone knows someone with a bachelors of science can get a masters degree in engineering and then get a job with that?

My clinical knowledge is very strong so is my knowledge of troubleshooting analyzers, performing maintenance and at my new job I have been working on validations in addition to my standard workflow. All of these things seem marketable to a mechanical/biomedical engineering. I’m just not sure if this Segway is possible without the initial bachelors degree in engineering.

Any help or guidance is appreciated!

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