Should I stay with this company? Just wanting a outside perspective.

So, I am from Canada. I have an entry level position with one of the biggest financial companies in the country. I have 2 useless college degrees, one in business management for general business. (Mixture of marketing and accounting.) I make what is considered a living wage for my city, about 42k a year gross. My issue is that, the entry level position is soul draining for me and flares my anxiety so badly despite my treatments. I am currently on extended leave for my health. I’ve been promoted to a new position within the past year, but I still get call flow from my old position. They have a high turnover rate because people find the job too punishing. Yes, it’s a call centre job. Post pandemic, the lines just stay busy always. I have 4 seconds between calls but can take up to 29 personal minutes on a usual day. I like the company culture, it really isn’t a bad place to work. There’s a lack of petty drama and people act like adults. I’ve been at the place for 3 years. I just really want to get off the phones, however, non call centre jobs are limited. I have some debt, about 27k and despite the relatively low wages, it’s the highest paying job I’ve ever had with medical benefits. I guess I doubt that I’d ever find anything better with my health conditions and my small town, but I don’t know how much longer my health can take it. There’s just not much out there for someone with my skills here. I guess the big question is, money or health? If I didn’t have my debt, I would leave.

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