How to manage up a hands-off-boss?

I am a bit at a loss here. I’ve been my current job since a few years and I’ve run out of ideas how to „manage up“. I’m reporting to the CEO who is an extremely nice person but he has zero interest in getting involved in my work. He’s overseas and in over two years he hasn’t reached out to me once to check in on my work. While at the same time I am tasked to roll out big projects on a company wide level. I am sending him quarterly reports on my progress and he usually replies with one or two sentences. The only reason I’m a sending the report is because he declined to have 1:1 with me. I’d much prefer to have an in-person talk!!!

At the same time we have two more directors. One is interested but doesn’t have the capacity to support me as well. The other one is highly interested in working with me but my boss said I am not allowed to involve him in any matters.

I’m at a loss. I have to fight through so many arguments within the team, work out concepts that I would just sometimes really like to discuss with someone to see how I’m doing or to get another persons feedback. But I can’t. I have no one to turn to. I’m so tired I don’t know what to do anymore.

I’ve worked with coaches, im trying to meditate, to be more confident, more relaxed, not care so much, but care enough to do a great job, etc etc.
I’m also applying for other roles but this could take a year or two until I find something.
So I think my best bet would be to learn how to navigate this mess and this lack of interest. But I’m running out of ideas!

Would anyone have an advice for me how to handle this?

EDIT: I’m in HR.

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