I’m having a career crisis and basically hate my job, as well as line of work. I’ve spent 9 years in the same field of advertising, and very badly want to make a career switch but completely clueless how to go about it. Is this too basic a question? I’m REALLY panicking, so please someone help.

I’m a copywriter, with 9 years of experience. I’ve worked with some of the biggest agencies but got pretty sick of it – the politics, the endless rounds of feedback, all of it. I tried to quit advertising, ended up working for a while in a radio station (which wasn’t very creatively challenging and after I point of time, fried my brains), then eventually, reluctantly got back into advertising. This time, I joined a small start-up thinking maybe things will be better but this place is THE WORST! I’ve developed anxiety because there’s always so much to do, I’m working almost 12 hours every day, and even on weekends and Diwali. And it’s not even work I enjoy.

I’m panicking now because I feel like I don’t know what to do – I definitely don’t want to stay here but now I feel like, having spent 9 years in this field, I’ll be unemployable anywhere else, so now I’m just like – will I have to be miserable and stay in this field forever? I’ve been applying like crazy on LinkedIn to everything from screenwriting to brand-side jobs but getting no responses.

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