Just realized today I had a job offer sitting in my spam box for a week and a half. Also have an on-site interview for another job that would be my first choice early next week. How to handle this?

My unemployment ran out recently and I’ve been starting to feel a bit of desperation and this is the only offer I’ve gotten after several months of searching and rejections.

I want to phrase my late response to the offer as best I can to apologize for the delay and oversight of not checking my spam folder or otherwise following up after they said they’d likely be sending one my way, and also ask for a little more time to see how my upcoming interview goes. Obviously I probably don’t want to straight up say they’re my second choice but I want to be diplomatic about it.

I’d definitely take the first job, but I’d also definitely prefer to be in the field of the second job as it’s what I actually went to school for. The pay is about the same but the first offers no benefits and the second has a full suite of them. My initial phone interview with the second was very promising, my interviewer said straight up he’d like to bring me onto the team, so it’s basically a matter of not screwing up in the full 3 person panel interview. I’m a pretty personable guy but otherwise I’m not particularly great at interviewing, unfortunately.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice for how best to handle things moving forward.

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