What should I do?

I moved to a new city after graduating to work in a role that isn’t exactly what I wanted, but it was very hard to find jobs during covid. After half a year, I got moved to another role that is a lot better than the previous role. The current role I have is a project, where I work by myself and try to get everything done in maybe 1-3 years. Now, I really don’t like the city I moved to and really want to move back home. Should I just find another job and leave or ask my company if they would allow me to work remote from another city. Is it possible that my company might just replace me with someone else if I asked?

More context if it helps. The project I am working on isn’t exactly hard. I feel like anyone could do it but since I was the one to make and plan everything in the project, I would be the person that knows everything inside out versus if they hired someone to start working on my project.

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