Almost at 30, no career with a masters degree. I’m losing ambition for my professional life. Any advice?

I believe I’m feeling like this because I’m in a depressed moment in my life. Maybe in the next months I can have a better picture of what I want to do. But as of now, I’m clueless. So I just wanted to find some advice, or learn some experiences from other people.

I’m 29yo with a masters degree in Toxicology and Environmental Contamination. It is useless. At least I can’t find a job ever since I finished it last year. I thought I wanted to do a career in research, but I was mistaken. I thought studying for the “environment” was the future but I was mistaken. I do not want it. I feel I’ve wasted so many years of my life, always hearing the words “take wtv degree you want, but at least take one and finish it”. But for what? I’m lost. I don’t know what I want to do in my professional life. To make matters worse, my partner lives in a different country than I. Me moving to his place is the better option for quality of life. But no way in hell people accept me over there. I have 0 work experience and I also don’t speak their native language (yes I’m learning it, but it’s a hard language for me and I recoon I’ll take about a year to be able to reach at least B2).

My only dream is to become a mother. But he can’t afford to sustain both of us, and I need to get my work life going first so we can move in together….

I thought of perhaps doing a post graduation on something completely different than my masters, but on what? I have no ambition. I don’t know what I’ll want to focus on.

Of course no one else but me can fix this issue.

But does anyone else ever had this problem in their lives? How did you go about it?…

Thanks for reading and sorry for any grammar mistakes.. I’m mostly just writing what comes to mind.

EDIT: I want to thank a lot of you guys with excellent tips for job searching, orientation, and life tips in general. Starting tomorrow I’ll start searching for the fields mentioned below.
I also want to apologize if the post above did was not clear enough with my goals and my current objectives in life. I’m mostly lost to find a job that fits my requirements, I’m also going through some rough things back home with my family, so it makes it harder to keep a cold head and work things out.
Thanks a lot for sharing your stories and tips.

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