Am I completely screwed?

Graduated during Covid, bad job history

I am at a loss of what to do. I finished my MS during Covid lockdowns in May 2020. It seemed everything was shutting down and few were hiring. I worked online as a tutor during that time.

I began work as a HS teacher last fall but was told my pay would be reduced to sub pay if I didn’t finish my license by April. I didn’t finish it and chose to resign rather than do a FT teachers work for sub pay. I got unlucky with the school district- Principal who hired me quit two weeks after I began and the school board had recently all resigned for embezzlement. It was a sh*t show. It was a 40 minute commute and my bi monthly paycheck was 1,100. I ran out of gas on the highway a few times. It was that tight and the school administration didn’t care. I did the work of multiple teachers because there was such a shortage. I resigned in April and substitute taught for the rest of the year closer to home, less commute. I decided I couldn’t go back to teaching. I have since been working online and keeping my head above water while looking for new opportunities. The problem is my resume makes me look severely irresponsible. Perhaps I was at some point but not for years. Wtf do I do to salvage this? Oh, and I’m 34. I finished BA and MS late. Am I unemployable? Do I just make my own business/way at this point? I just think I really screwed myself over by resigning early but given how tight money was, I really didn’t have another choice. What would you do to salvage this and go forward?

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