How did you manage working for a boss you didn’t respect or trust?

I’m sure we’ve all worked for a boss that:

1 – Didn’t have any idea what you did (for e.g. all the additional tasks you handled that were NOT part of your job description)
2 – Didn’t understand the obstacles you faced daily (unreliable programs, co-workers that didn’t pull their own weight, unrealistic deadlines, unclear expectations of deliverables)
3 – Easily took credit for team successes and quickly threw the team under the bus for mistakes
4 – Selectively shared information with the team that would have improved the quality and timing of deliverables
5 – Didn’t advocate for the team’s needs unless it benefited them

How did you manage working for a boss that behaved that way? Especially since that person assessed your job performance and controlled if you advanced in the company.

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