Is my lead trying to fire me? How do I know that they’re trying to let me go?

Ever since I started my job, my boss has only met me individually twice to talk about my 1 month and 3 months probation. He said I was doing well. I never felt like I have a boss. All instructions were given by my lead. My boss is in a different building.

My lead is a condescending and micromanaging person who loves making people feel dumb. She asks you random questions and expects you to respect her if you don’t know. When I joined for 1 month, one lady left and told me to be careful of my lead because she has caused 3 other people to leave. She said that my boss always takes my lead’s side because my lead is very well-accomplished and eloquent. Then we hired two people after me, which one of them was shortly fired for standing up against my lead’s bullying behaviors.

I’ve been here for 6 months and couldn’t handle my lead anymore. Every time she makes snarky comments or yells at me, I’d tell her straight that what she says is inappropriate, and I will report her to HR if she doesn’t stop. The other coworker is very sweet and allows my lead to torture her. For the past month, my lead has taught all my duties to the other coworker, but I was not taught the duties of hers. My lead has been treating the coworker very nicely. I basically didn’t have many duties for one whole month.

I came back from one week of PTO and my lead accused me of not doing my work. She had a meeting with my boss, which my other coworker told me that my lead was not happy with my results. My lead told me that ” You didn’t complete this and that.” She wouldn’t allow me to speak and when I told her I gave it all to her, she brushed me off and said “The point is that there were too many mistakes and errors and I don’t trust you with this anymore.”

I got very disappointed and went to speak with my boss. I explained and he said that my lead would never do that to me, and it must be me who forgot to complete it. I felt silenced. I felt like she’s planning to get rid of me for not allowing her to bully me. I reported it to HR. What should I do now? I also applied to 5 different jobs and have one interview already.

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