Who is right?

I independently traveled to Asia and Africa to promote international education. I landed in the United States two weeks ago. My Jamaican American sister has the audacity to ask me why am I unemployed after being in New York for two weeks and who is going to support me.

My answer: Me.

Then my mother tells me to stop thinking about the next big thing and get something that’s not going to add too much pressure after I spent an hour on an application.

My answer: I didn’t answer my mother because she’s my mother. 😒❤️❤️

It’s family that adds the pressure. I’m feeling a little cranky because I practically went into the future when I flew to Kuwait. But, I got 99 problems jetlag is not one. I digress.

Yes, I have bills to pay. I’ll change urine-soiled bedsheets by a grown man to stay in the black.

A job in two weeks seems to be unrealistic, or do you agree with my sister?

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