26F Biotech graduate and unemployed. Should I quit my waitressing stint while searching for a new job? And what side job ideas do you all have?

I am very lost in life and need some good career advice here to pick myself up the ground from depression.

I quit lab research because I thought it was overly hierarchical, stuffy and monotonous. I didn’t see any potential in progression and wanted to join industry in Europe (even though I don’t have a PhD) with a non-lab based role.

As an unemployed graduate I have the right to some financial aid but in the meantime I’ve found myself a waitressing job that’s demanding in time and physical effort. This job will reduce my financial aid by almost 50% and my combined income will only be about 200-300 euros more than if I only relied on unemployment funds.

I’m asking myself everyday what I am doing with my life. Should I quit this waitressing job? What kind of side job ideas do you have that could be better options than waitressing?

I have several career ideas like becoming a chef, an electrician, science communicator, international project coordinator, or working for charities. I have no idea where to start looking as I have 0 experience but all I know is that waitressing is just not a very nice job to have. Can anyone here help me out and give some good advice?

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