actuarial sci or comp sci major?

i think that the actuarial career offers more stability such as income increases with each exam passed. i also love math and the idea of working in insurance. computer science seems nice but ive heard that boot camps can teach you much more in a short amount of time, and the technology, languages, skills, etc. are constantly changing. i think that im not confident in competing against lifelong programmers and students who were passionate about computers and programming from a young age. actuarial seems like it might take more time to get a job, but i feel like the wait is worth it because of the stability beyond 3-4 exams passed. at the same time, i do understand how actuarial science is too specific of a degree, but im worried that comp sci would be too demanding and take much time away from studying for exams as well as the fact that the classes wont be relevant to actuarial exams. i would be taking a few programming courses in the act sci major as well as business / economics courses, and actuarial courses.

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