From Graphic Designer to Data Analytics?

I’m looking into a master’s in Data Analytics, my background is in web/graphic design(bachelor’s) \~9 years of experience, but I got already tired of it (a few years ago actually ). I have completed two courses in python (fundamentals and Python for Data Science) and now starting with SQL Databases. Found a Master’s that offers a very affordable option to be completed in 1 year. Had a very quick call with a counselor(didn’t feel so knowledgeable the guy), and he recommends doing a bachelor’s first. I did my research and there are Certifications, articles, and videos that say is possible to switch careers to Data Analytics(No Scientist) even without a degree, just a portfolio. **Does anyone have walked this path? I’ll be more than thankful for any advice. By the way, I’m in my mid 30’s.**

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