Is SEO right for me?

**TLDR: After a solid year, I’m struggling to advance in my SEO job and I’m thinking about moving into content writing, where I have more natural skills.**

A little background:

I’ve been in SEO for 2 years. My first job was pretty much a content mill where I wrote articles, managed a team, and churned out crappy content in-line with their not-very-good standards.

I eventually got another job (where I’ve been for a year now) at an incredible company where they’ve given me a junior role and 1-1 training. I’ve learned more in a year here than I ever have in my life, but it feels like I’ve hit a wall and I’m no longer improving, definitely not well enough to be promoted. I’ve gotten confident in my knowledge, but I’m still struggling to meet important expectations, and it’s holding me back.

Management seems to think I just like to churn out work as fast as possible without thinking of the bigger picture, and in a recent meeting my manager told me I “don’t give a shit” about my clients- but I’m working all the time and frequently doing overtime because I want to do a good job here, and the stress is really starting to get to me. It doesn’t help that I seem to take longer than everyone else to do the same tasks, and I’m starting to overthink things I used to be confident with. I’m a naturally anxious person, and with all these expectations I’m loosing sleep and starting to get *actual* chest pain from stress.

At the end of the day I enjoy SEO, and I love making content as good as it can be, but I make mistakes because I suck at the strategy side of things. I was good at my old job as a content writer where I just had to focus on delivering long-form content, one piece at a time, to a decent standard; no worrying about a million different tasks at once and a holistic strategy on top of that. I’m just tired of doing a job I’m not good at when I have real talent in other areas, but I’m also not a quitter and could see myself in SEO long-term (as long as it doesn’t give me early-onset heart disease.)

What I want to know: Has anyone else been through this? How did you get better? Should I stick it out until they promote me, or bite the bullet and play to my strengths?

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