Is there an intersection between communications + psychology and coding?

Hey all,

I have a psychology bachelor and I’m currently doing a master’s program called communication and psychology. It’s basically a mix of cognitive science, media, linguistics, some UX, and social psychology.

I currently work in recruitment (for a fantastic software company) on the side, which I also enjoy.

I’m currently learning to code with python which has been pretty fun so far. I’ve barely scratched the surface for now but I was wondering about this just to have a good idea of my options.

As you can see, I haven’t exactly narrowed down my interests and frankly I don’t know what I want to be doing after my recruitment job. I feel quite lost. While I love psychology, I have felt like studying it was a stupid teenage decision career-wise.

I don’t care for being rich but I want to *eventually* be making at least significantly higher than minimum wage, i.e. I don’t want a dead-end career. I also don’t necessarily need all my interests to be included, but since I have a psych and communications I think it would make sense to use it instead of starting from scratch.

I’m kind of sociable but I can be socially anxious and wouldn’t enjoy a job where I’m in contact with people all day. A few hours a day is fine. I’m also told that I’m a good writer and can be an analytical thinker. I have mild mental health issues and while I have a good handle on them atm, anything that’s inherently *super* stressful would be a no.

For context, I live in the Netherlands. Any ideas or insights would be helpful. Feel free to ask me for more info.

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