Mentee is working on the side as a realtor, how to proceed?

I work in a 100% remote tech company as a software trainer. We have a suite of products that are kind of advanced and we’re given 90 days to onboard and learn the stuff to then apply it and work with customers. Had a new hire start in May and for whatever reason they aren’t grasping or executing despite shadowing me and others in trainings and meetings.

Our dept boss asked if I would take on the role of mentor to help them get up to speed sooner with a vague target by the end of the year. No extra pay for the extra role but whatever; I enjoy the company and the type of work and can move up, etc.

Fast forward to this week: mentee mentions brain being fried after 2 mid morning meetings and wants to reschedule our debrief for next week. Im kind of taken back and annoyed because the meetings didn’t ask much and they’ve rescheduled other meetings, but whatever. It got weird though when I found out they are a listed realtor and post regularly on social media and one post was during work hours.

I want to tell my boss but I feel like I need more observations to not feel like a rat. Ultimately I want the mentee to just do their job better and learn the products so I don’t have to mentor them into a place of competency.


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