Need a paralegal certificate for a new position, wondering what cheapest fastest online way is?

About my situation, already graduated with a Bachelor’s. I want to move into a job that makes a few thousand more a year in a less micromanaged environment than what I’m working in. Going for Paralegal Assistant. I’m currently working as a clerk in a county office so the work I’m doing now is entirely transferrable.

I just need the paralegal certificate that says I can do it. And I want to do it completely online. Don’t wanna and can’t go back to college, and don’t wanna take a year or years to get this. I’d say I want it as cheap and fast as possible but understand the cheapest/fastest may not be the best.

I’m in Michigan if that matters. Probably should stick to a certification program in the state but I’ll do out of state if the material is 95% of what a Michigan program can offer.

Lastly, there’s paralegal positions with auto insurance companies that don’t mention a certificate as a requirement. I don’t know if the insurance industry is good to work in, I’ve heard some say it’s good though.

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