To move or not to move?

Currently on a job I enjoy, having to deal with a sensible manager and being part of a great team, also some flexibility is allowed e.g. WFH as and when required, quite early finish. Salary is great compared to the average salary in the country and the industry, but some businesses can pay more.
Negatives: travel around 400 miles a week, got no cost of living pay rise or bonus etc, company could be better organised and managed.

Had a job offer for another job in the same field, different industry for one of the biggest players in the country. Salary is + £35k which is a big step up, did my small research and everyone in the company seems to be 50+ years old, industry is heavy manufacturing which probably means also old fashioned style of management and way of thinking and doing things?

Should I make the move or just hold on for the next great opportunity? I’m not in a rush to move jobs as I enjoy where I am currently, however the skills I will be getting from the new role and the exposure in a different industry would be very useful for my future, not mentioning the salary of course which is a big step up.
Just scared I might end up somewhere worse with poor management style and a bad manager, bullying practices etc and as I’ve been there before I know it can be pretty bad.
Would appreciate your thoughts

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