What is the real life job equivalent of the ‘nathan for you’ show?

I’m interested in small size businesses, and like the idea of coming in with a fresh pair of eyes to improve processes, implement new ideas, assist with restructuring the organisation for the benefit of the owner.

I understand that consultants do this type of work, but generally it’s for medium and larger companies, the projects are limited in scope, and you’re in and out of the organisation before seeing the true results.

Does the job I’m proposing exist (without setting up my own business, and instead being a contractor or salary employee instead)? What’s the potential career path towards it?

Couple options I was considered are:

1) work towards more senior roles in a small organisation to become cfo or ceo. Coo probably requires complete industry knowledge. Obviously this requires commitment to one company longer term

2) Get a foot into operating businesses for a small venture capital funded organisation. VC would have very clear goals and demands for improving operational and financial performance, but without knowing the full pathway, this might require going into investment banking, then PE/VC, and finally into this type of work.

3) ??

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