What should i do after my degree?

Hi guys,I am from India and am going to graduate from my bachelor of commerce degree next year by July.
Currently looking for job and internship opportunities in investment banking ,Financial services and Banks etc.
I am very much interested in financial services and stock market and would love to start working in a established company or startup as a equity advisor/Finance analyst.
Have been also interested in IB due to the enormous pay and opportunities.
So my first priority would be to start my career with a investment bank or else join a small finance bank.
I already have a offer from a small finance bank based in Bangalore but looking for something better.
Currently i also came across graduate programs offered by a few investment banks and companies.
It would be great if i get selected .
I live in India but as i have also lived for a decade in dubai i am also looking for a job/internship in Dubai.
My uncle in a Finance officer in a finance consulting company and i am thinking of asking him a entry level job .
In case i get a chance at his company i could probably learn a bit from his experience and network.
In case i get a opportunity in India i desire to work in MUMBAI / BANGALORE .
Actually as i am just starting my career i want to take huge risks and also learn,explore etc.
I also have been thinking of Working in a startup but not quite sure .
Would prefer to work in a big corporate due to better pay but as i said i like to take risks and if i come across a cute startup i might as well join it .
Recently a relative of mine graduated from a tier 3 college and has still not received a job offer even after applying to 100 of companies.
I recently went to a job fair and it was embarrassing to see that even mba graduates were offered same starting salary like B.com graduates.
I would love to join a good college but couldn’t pay the fees due to my financial situation.
Also i tried looking at options abroad but due to the expenses involved it wouldn’t be possible for me .
Taking a loan also wouldn’t be a option for my family as they wouldn’t bet on me lol.
Thanks for reading and would appreciate any leads or advise.

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