6 weeks in at the new job and I’m dreading it now. Did I make the right move?

A couple months ago, I (25, F) was offered two different positions in two completely different fields. Job A is for a huge organization in the legal field. Stellar benefits, job security and when I am ready to leave state (which won’t be for a few years), it should be easier for me to find a job in a new office wherever I may be.

Job B is for a local business in the marketing field. Their benefits package isn’t the best but considering it’s locally owned, I understand they offer what they can to employees. Eventually, I want to go back to school in the next year and marketing is what I want to do. I have no professional experience in this field, just been learning things through the use of social media.

It was a tough decision and I ended up going with Job A. I was already somewhat familiar with the legal field with my experience. On top of that, job security and benefits are a couple of things that pushed me to accept it. And everyone I asked about my dilemma suggested I should go for Job A.

Going into week 7 as I write this with Job A and I’m seeing that this job is not what I thought it would be. Both the job itself and the environment — really just your typical corporal office politics. It’s also been hard for me to vibe with my new coworkers. I’m usually quite talkative and bubbly but I feel like I can’t really be myself around them. I just can’t help but wonder if this was the right choice.

The other thing too is that Job B ended up offering me a salary that was roughly $10k higher than the starting pay for an entry level position. It seemed as if they were really invested in me. I should also mention that both salaries for both jobs ended up being pretty similar.

I’ve been thinking about reaching back out to the marketing firm about whether or not they ever filled the position or if they have another position I could potentially fill. But I’m also not sure if the stress of learning new things is just getting to me and maybe I’m feeling impulsive. Should I stick it out a little longer or reach out/find other opportunities in the field I’m genuinely interested in?

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