Changing careers from arboriculture, any advice?

This is a bit of a psychological as much as a practical one.
I’ve been an arborist for 11 years, self employed for 6 of them, trained and certified by a few bodies (International Society of Arboriculture), also have my provincial trade ticket in Ontario as a Certified Utility Arborist.
I’ve worked for companies, been self employed, and now work for a municipality. This is the only career I’ve done that I really grabbed onto and went with (also if anyone’s wondering arborist, trim or remove trees, by climbing or using lift platforms). I’ve done well.
I’ve found out my back has permanent damage (spondylitis; small fractures in a vertebrae, ; and retrolisthesis; a disk slipped backward, I also have almost no cartilage between these same vertebrae) at 33, continuing this work could leave me in severe pain if I don’t make a career change soon.
I’m at a loss. Just wondering if anyone has switched out of trades to an office job?
Were they related? How was it? Starting over at 33 seems intimidating, with no clue as to what I’d like to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

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