Experience with IT Account Management Roles? What do you love/hate the most? Is it toxic? How much do they get paid compared to other IT professionals? Based in New Zealand.

Hello all,

I am currently working as an engineering project management, and am hoping to make the switch to IT sales (e.g. SaaS companies, AWS, etc).

I am 30 years old and am hoping to work in account management for the next 10 years, before getting enough experience to move into senior management.


1) What are your day-to-day experiences with IT sales and account management, what do you enjoy the most, and what do you hate the most?

2) Are account managers the most paid individuals in the IT field? From what I’ve read, they tend to make more than developers, solution architects, and project managers.

3) Working at somewhere like AWS, is there quite a bit of lead generation and cold calling, or is the role more focused on growing business from the current client base.

Thank you!

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