Have you ever asked the manager for more time to ask questions?

In a weird situation. I’m interviewing for a job. And it’s a tech role. This happens to be their first time making this role for their company. (for simplicity, I’ll say it’s like a system admin role).

Because of this, and because of my experience, I have a lot of questions I want to ask the manager so I can get a better understanding of their current state as well as their plans for future state. And overall expectations. I have a feeling these are questions they wouldn’t have thought about themselves.

Thus, I’d hate to get to the cliche last 5 minutes of the meeting where they see if I have any questions. Because I would love to ask quite a few as just a nitty gritty discussion of their system.

Is it rude or a faux pas to either ask if they are available to stay a little later, or if it’s possible to have a second meeting to go through some of these questions?

Given it’s a new role and I’d be the solo person, I really want to make sure I’m put in a position where I have the ability to make the necessary changes that benefit the company.

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