Should I mention my first job that I had for less than a month in March 2020 or not?

For some reason people really seemed to like that I worked at McDonald’s despite me leaving VERY fast, to be fair it is a pretty fast paced job and you have to be able to lift at-least 50 pounds for the boxes/trash, plus it requires teamwork and you have to be a jack of all trades at the job so it makes sense.

I honestly used to have way more luck getting to the interview stage when I had that on my resume/job applications despite the fact that I didn’t stay for long at all and that’s why I’m scared to acknowledge it but maybe I should.

What excuse should I use? that was when the covid stuff started and I was still 17 at the time and using their vehicles to go to work so saying my parents got scared and forced me to come back home is reasonable enough right? maybe they actually could’ve, at the very least they could’ve stopped me from using their vehicles and I’d have to beg a co-worker or something.

It’s not a entirely false statement anyway, they were getting nervous and about to start getting on my case about it but I quit out of my own free will before they even had the chance to actually MAKE me come back home.

Sorry if this was kinda awkward, I couldn’t figure out which paragraph to put where honestly, but anyways what do you guys think? (also flair my post with my location? what?)

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