Thinking about reaching out to my old manager. Any tips?

I (26F) am currently working at a restaurant. I really want to leave because I’m tired of working 12+ hours a day, for a shitty pay while in a toxic work environment.

About a year ago I worked administrative/customer service job. It wasn’t the most glamorous job but it payed decently and I had regular 9-5 workdays. Back then, I left due to private reasons which I discussed with my then manager. He understood my decision and back then, he told me that I could always send him a message or give him a call if I would ever want to come back.

I saw online that they’re currently hiring, and I’m thinking about applying. But I don’t know if I should apply the “regular” way or if I should just shoot my old manager a message. I don’t know if he still feels the way he did back then.

What would you do? Any advice is highly appreciated! 🙂

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