Advice for a 17yo that has no career passion?

This is something I’m really scared to ask, because finding a career is a majorly overwhelming topic for me. I don’t think many 17 year olds have a whole life plan.. or even know what career they want. \*But\*, I am a really passionate person, I have reasonable dreams for what kind of house I want, what hobbies I want to be able to support, and in general I want to be happy. So I’d love some kind of guidance or advice.

I’ve been drawing since I was little, I started crocheting and love it, and I have so many hobbies that I’m super passionate about. Everyone wants my twin sister and I to pursue something with art, but it’s just a harsh reality that I don’t want to turn my hobby into a career. I’m so scared of having a title like “project manager” or “data analyst”, because right now in my life I don’t want anyone depending on me. I want to work \*for\* someone, not have someone work \*for me\*. I know that’s not an ambitious mindset, but I want to work to live, not live to work.

So does anyone have advice? If I don’t want to be a manager or do something super physical, what can I do to make $25+per hour so I can live my humble-dream life one day? Luckily I do have very supportive parents, and I’m going to live with my sister so we can support our lives together, but the career choice part is \*very\* stressful to me. Not having a clear goal makes me feel in the dark.

Sorry for rambling!

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