Anyone know of jobs that value taking time to be extra thorough instead of rushing from task to task?

My natural tendency towards extreme thoroughness has caused problems for me in most, if not all of the past jobs I’ve ever had. At my last job (IT call center) my boss tried many times to get me to shorten my calls so I can get more calls per day. I couldn’t bring myself to do that, because I feel like I HAVE to fix the customer’s problem, both because I want to help them, and because the problem itself feels like a puzzle for me. It really bugs me to leave the puzzle unsolved. When I was younger I had a number of retail jobs. In all cases my managers had to talk to me about my habit of organizing the products in my aisle/section too perfectly. They wanted me to get it “good enough” so I can move onto the next thing. I can’t shake this tendency towards thorough perfectionism. If I can just find a job that would benefit from this kind of thorough behavior I would absolutely thrive! Cybersecurity has been suggested before and I like that idea, but I understand that working in a SOC would probably mean working the graveyard shift for a good while, which I’m trying to avoid.

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